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Swagman Sprayer 16LTR Model (Wheels)

Swagman Sprayer - 16ltr No Wheels copy.png

Price: $270.00 (INC GST)
Shipping: $32.00 Australia Wide

IMPORTANT: To speed up the processing of your order, please fill out our required delivery instructions form after payment.

16 Ltr Sprayer (Wheeled): KEY FEATURES


The 16Ltr Swagman is powered by a sealed rechargeable 12volt 9 AH battery which gives up to 4 times the efficiency of a similar manual pump unit. The pump is a compact mini diaphragm unit, light weight but with high pressure (80PSI). The result is a robust unit that will spray continuously for over 5 hours/over 400 litres, on a single charge. 


The Swagman maintains constant uniform spray patterns. Select continuous spraying or stop/start control. The nozzle adjusts for fine spraying to spotting allowing total control.

The Swagman’s triple screening of the liquid prior to the pump prevents solids entering the pump unit causing clogging. The filters are easily removed for service and cleaning.
The fill opening is extra-large for easier filling and cleaning.


  • Operating and Maintenance Manual. Please read carefully to help you get optimum performance from your sprayer.
  • Attention Sticker and Warranty Card. Attention Sticker will remind you of key operational tips. Place it on your sprayer. Return Warranty Card for optimum support or register online.
  • Spray nozzles: Five nozzles including mister
  • Spray shield with nozzle
  • Spotter gun
  • Lance and hose
  • Lance holder
  • Battery charger
  • Spare parts kit
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card


  1. Double Conical Nozzle (Y model) Flow rate: 2.0 L/min Spread 750 x 750

  2. Double Conical Nozzle (F model) Flow rate: 2.4 L/min Spread 600 x 600

  3. Four-hole Adjustable Nozzle (blue) Flow rate: 1.5 L/min Spread 300 circular

  4. Single hole flat fan (yellow with orange tip) Spread 400 x 700

  5. Sectorial Fogger Nozzle (large yellow) Flow rate: 1.82 L/minNozzle for fitting to spray shield. (black with washer, yellow tip)

  6. 90 degree elbow fitting for attaching to four hole nozzle, flat fan nozzle or fogger nozzle if required. (16Ltr sprayers only)

NOTE Spread has been measured at approximately 40cm from spray nozzle to ground and is approximate only.

Spare parts kit:

  1. Filter x 1 (for handle)
  2. O ring x 1 (for handle)
  3. Diaphragms x 2 (for pump)
  4. Spring x 1 (for pump)
  5. Valve blocks x 4 (for pump)
  6. Small seals x 2 (for pump filter)
  7. Fuse x 1 (for battery)


  • Size: 380 x 210 x 585mm
  • Dry net weight: 8.2Kg
  • Tank capacity: 16L 
  • Tank body: Moulded UV resistant HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Large filling and cleaning aperture. Liquid fill indicators. Ergonomically designed for comfort.
  • Lance holder: Position on side of tank
  • Lance: Stainless steel, 60cm
  • Pump: Mini diaphragm pump. 12volt. Variable or constant discharge at 6Bar (80 psi). Volume approx. 2.6 litres / minute.
  • Hose: 150cm 
  • Battery: 12V 9AH, fully enclosed and sealed
  • Battery charger: Input AC100-240V, 50/60HZ, output DC12V -1A
  • Charge light and alarm: Battery charge indicator lights and under voltage alarm.
  • Back Straps: Strong wide padded straps. 
  • Back cushion: Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.
  • Wheels and pull handle: Metal/plastic
  • Fittings and screws: 304 stainless steel